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The children in Peru need healthy food. A diversified, healthy nutrition is not at all standard in Peru. Most children in the high Andes eat too much starch (potatoes, rice, etc.) and only few vegetables, because fruits, vegetables and other vitamin loaded food are often not available in remote Andean communities at more than 3000m altitude level. 


In 2015, we started a new pilot program in Cusco that teaches children and their parents how important a healthy and well balanced nutrition is for their children’s immune system, growth and future well-being. Regular sports and a healthy diet can avoid long-term problems like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc. If healthy food cannot be bought, maybe it can be grown. This is why we would like to create a school garden with 2 green houses where the children can be in contact with natural organic plants, learn about food and get to know that food not only comes out of a plastic bag. Would it not be so much healthier if those children could eat their own home-grown organic vegetables?

Background Story and Execution

Laura, one of our volunteers, has worked for a consumer protection organisation. At the end of 2014, she wanted to volunteer in South America and asked us if there was anything she could do within her area of expertise. 

Her inquiry was like a spark for us. We’ve already sent volunteers into schools in Peru, but we always thought there must be more than teaching English and helping out with the regular subjects. Schools’ lessons are usually based on maths, languages, religion, sports etc., but not on nutrition. 

We thought: “Is it not as equally important to set out the conditions that only then actually allow the kids to physically and mentally develop in a healthy way so they can stay active and focused at school compared to being inactive, exhausted and uninterested? 

That’s why we quickly initiated a first come together and started brainstorming about how we could roll out a nutritional program that could be included in a school’s curriculum. So Laura started working on texts, picture books and handouts, and she developed paedagogic games that playfully show the kids that eating healthy and tasty food can be fun, too! 

Initially, Laura only wanted to volunteer for 2 months with us, but she eventually stayed for 8 months(!). 

Thank you, Laura, for laying the foundations for this program!

Project Needs

In order to pursue our objectives and keep on going with what Laura started, our current and future volunteers need to buy

  • pencils
  • books
  • drawing papers
  • playing cards

… and other school materials to motivate the kids. Apart from that, we need all the materials for building their first green house and start gardening a little school area. This includes gardening tools such as

  • scrapers
  • scoops
  • shovels
  • hoses
  • etc. 

… as well as the following materials:

  • gutter components and accessories
  • greenhouse insulations against the cold
  • anchors and ground posts
  • flooring 

Peru School Nutrition Program

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