Explore the Caves and Sinkholes of Boyaca Caving Area, Colombia

Fancy trying a new and exciting extreme sport like our Cave tour Colombia? Do you already have caving experience, and want to explore the caves and sinkholes of a different country? Then come and join us on a thrilling and challenging two day caving tour, to the newest speleological park in Colombia! And keep a sharp eye – as this system has so recently been opened up, you may be lucky and stumble upon a whole new area!

Boyaca Caving Area 2Days/2Nights

(by car)


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Cave, Crawl, Abseil, Trek and Torrent in the Newest Speleological Park in Colombia!


Included Services

  • Food.
  • Accommodation.
  • Local transport.
  • Professional guide.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Basic caving kit and ropes.


Cave tour Colombia Route

Pickup Location – Villa de Leyva Caving Area – Speleological Park – La Honda waterfall – Feto cave – Periquera waterfalls – Drop-off at pickup location (pickup location to be arranged after booking)

Toughness Level

This tour’s toughness level depends on your level of caving experience. If you are a novice or still at beginner level, you will be caving within sinkholes and caves designated as suitable for beginners. However, there is also plenty of scope for those of an intermediate or advanced level to challenge themselves. Be aware however, whatever level you are at, that caving and torrenting are classed as extreme sports, and so be prepared to work your body hard! 

Day by Day

The tour starts in the early afternoon, when you will be taken by car from your pickup location in Cundinamarca to the Boyaca caving area. This journey takes approximately 6 hours; however, you will be sure to see some stunning scenery as we drive. We will arrive late afternoon or early evening, giving you time to explore a small town nearby before and after dinner. You can also spend time getting to know the local family at whose house we will stay.

DAY 1 and NIGHT 2
After an early start and a 6am breakfast, we trek to the nearby speleological park of Hoyos de Mortiñal. Once there, we dive in straight away. If you are of an intermediate or advanced level, you can enter the system using SRT. In this system the most difficult areas are vertical pitches of 20m-30m. If you are a novice, you can crawl, climb or trek from one cave and sinkhole to another. In total there are 12 sinkholes to discover. We will break for lunch at around 1pm, and finish at 5pm. We have dinner at 7pm, followed by social time.

Another early start awaits, and after breakfast at 6am we head to the amazing waterfall of La Honda, where you will have the chance to trek and try torrenting. At 11am, we leave for the beautiful Feto Cave. Here we will do some basic caving or, if you are of a higher level, some SRT at a 20m or 70m pitch. After a 1pm lunch, we travel to the stunning Periquera waterfalls, where you can again go trekking or torrenting. Our return transport for your drop-off location will collect us at 4pm. 


Traveling Season

You can participate in this tour at any time – however, be aware that in Colombia the two wet seasons are from April to June and September to November. 

Included Services
  • Transport: La Mesa-Gachantiva-Tourist Areas-La Mesa.
  • Accommodation in shared rooms in a small cottage or in a rural family home.
  • Food (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches or packed lunches, 3 dinners).
  • Entrance to the sites.
  • Kit (helmet, headlamp, oversuit, harness) if you do not have them.
  • Tour Guide.
  • Ropes.
Excluded Services


  • Transport to and from La Mesa.
  • Bedding.
  • Accommodation and food/drinks in La Mesa.
  • Insurance.
  • Spending money.
Things to Bring


  • Cap, hat or sunscreen and buff (a light scarf which protects against dust).
  • Woollen or fleece hat and gloves.
  • Warm jacket.
  • Rain jacket or plastic ponchos.
  • Long-sleeved clothes and lightweight trekking pants.
  • T-shirts.
  • Shorts.
  • Comfortable waterproof trekking shoes.
  • Sandals or flip flops.
  • Light oversuit, if possible waterproof.
  • Protective gloves.
  • SRT Kit (helmet, headlamp, chest harness, sit harness, belt).
  • Wellies.
  • Black thermal pants and top.
  • Extra clothing to change into after the activities.


  • Sunblock.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Mosquito net.
  • Insect repellent, at least 20% DEET.
  • Flashlight or headlight, lantern or torch and spare AAA batteries.
  • Towel(s).
  • Toilet paper.
  • Toiletries.
  • Sleeping bag (-5⁰C).
  • Binoculars (optional).
  • Camera with zoom (if you want to catch some moments).
  • Battery charger (American style).
  • Pocket knife (optional).
  • Spending money.
  • Passport, valid more than 6 months, stamped with a valid tourist visa for at least the length of your stay.
  • Proper A and E and medical insurance.
Additional Information

Please be aware that it can get very cold in the Andes at night, so make sure you bring a good quality sleeping bag for extreme temperatures.