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Watch how you can apply for one of our projects and secure your place


South America!

Have you watched the video? Now it’s time to read on…

We care about working with our projects. We want to make sure that we also find the right “match” between volunteers and the project we are working on to do serious development work. That’s why we try to find the right candidates for the right project, and the right project for you. In our opinion, a stay abroad only makes sense for both parties if you look forward to being involved in social work while also forging a ton of new international friendships, going on great adventures, and taking home lasting memories. We simply want your stay abroad to be a valuable, memorable and rewarding experience for you!

In order to get a place in one of our projects, we need you to complete the following two application steps:

  1. Online application form

If you want to get involved with us as a volunteer, then we would first need some information about yourself. You can easily submit it to us via the following link:

There are only a few but important questions (such as your professional or academic background, your expectations of the project, whether you can bring your own laptop, your desired arrival date and the like) that help us to classify your possible field of application or to plan your stay with us.

  1. Get to know each other via phone, WhatsApp or Skype

Afterwards we have a personal conversation online or by phone to answer all of your project-related questions and explain everything else for the registration of your project taking place with us. You can find a suitable appointment for you at the following link:

(Please choose your time zone).

Internal course:Twice a week we discuss all new applicants in an internal meeting. If you are selected, we will contact you within one week and you will receive all the documents you need to register your place on the project and plan your stay with us.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!