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Ciudad Perdida - The Lost City in Colombia (4 Days)

The Lost City Trek is the most adventurous excursion in the area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. You will be guided by indigenous people and therefore learn lots about local tribes and nature in northern Colombia. Are you in good physical condition and do you want to enjoy some intense trekking through the lush, green tropical rainforest? Then join us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Lost City Trek: 4 days / 3 nights

(2 car rides, 4 days trekking)


€ 369,00


Included Services

  • Food.
  • Accommodation.
  • Transport.
  • Local guide.
  • Entrance tickets to the archeological and national park.
  • Contribution to the indigenous and rural communities.
  • Travel insurance (during hike only).



Santa Marta – El Mamey – Buritaca River/Mutanshi – trail to the Lost City and back to Santa Marta.

Toughness Level

Moderate – Some sections can be quite demanding due to the climate, but your guide will adjust the group´s hiking speed according to your level of fitness.

Day by Day

DAY 1:
This adventure starts around 9.30am in Santa Marta where a 4WD car will take you in a 2 ½ hour drive to El Mamey, the place where we will have lunch and then begin the search for the sacred place of the Tayronas (the ancient Lost City residents). We will walk for about 3 ½ hours. At the end of the afternoon, we will arrive at our first camp surrounded by rivers, natural pools and waterfalls. Simply relax and enjoy the moment! Right after dinner you will get to swing your belly in one of our super hammocks!  

DAY 2:
CAMP 1 to CAMP 2
We will have breakfast early in the morning before we start walking by the riverside of the Buritaca River. Here, you will get to see plenty of houses which are part of the indigenous Kogui village called Mutanshi. Today’s trek will last about 7 hours. Be amazed by the beautiful scenery of the Caribbean jungle of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and get to see the unprecedented biodiversity of this region! At the end of the day we will reach our camp equipped with beds and tents, and of course, with our super hammocks. Enjoy a delicious dinner before you set your mind free to allow all the pictures of this adventurous day scroll through your head!  

DAY 3:
An early breakfast will give us the strength for today when we will start climbing up 1.200 steps to our main destination – the marvelous Lost City! Once we get there your guide will explain everything you need to know about this magical place in the Colombian jungle. With the ancestral stories still in your head you will have the chance to gaze at some unique landscapes, take pictures and have enough time to also rest and relax. At midday, we will have lunch at camp three before we go back to camp two where we will have dinner and another wonderful night accompanied by the natural orchestral sounds of the jungle.  

DAY 4:
On our last day we will have breakfast at camp two before we continue on our way back. Cool down from the heat and refresh yourself in the rivers and waterfalls that we will find along the way. Lunch will await us in El Mamey as well as our 4WD car that will pick us up to go back to Santa Marta. You will be returning to your hotel or hostel around 5pm, happy, content and rewarded by some spectacular scenery and your personal achievement to have hiked your way through the jungle to this magical place that is believed to be about 650 years older than Machu Picchu. A place not many people know about! 

Traveling Season

This best season to fully enjoy this tour IS: All year round.

Included Services
  • Transportation (4WD) for the round trip.
  • Meals, fruits and snacks.
  • Lodging in hammocks, beds or tents with mosquito nets and blankets.
  • Local guides.
  • Entry to the archaeological park and to the national park.
  • Contribution to the indigenous and rural communities of the Sierra Nevada.
  • Travel insurance (during the hike).
Excluded Services


  • Tips (if deemed appropriate) for the guide(s) and/or the cook.
  • Breakfast on the first morning and dinner on the final evening.
  • Personal expenditure.
Optional Services

Whatever you want. We will try and arrange it for you!

Things to Bring


  • Small or medium backpack.
  • Sticks or poles (not necessary, but good for your knees).
  • Sleeping bag (optional, if a blanket is not enough).
  • Two plastic bags.
  • Personal first aid kit and medication.
  • Bottle of water for the first day (The rest of the days we take water from wells. Our guides also carry water purifying tablets).


  • Cap or hat.
  • T-shirt and sweater shirt.
  • Shorts and long trousers.
  • Rain jacket or plastic ponchos.
  • Sneakers or hiking boots.
  • Sandals or flip flops.
  • Socks.
  • Swim suit or swimming trunks.


  • Sunblock.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Insect repellent, at least 20% DEET. If you know of a better option than chemicals please let us know. 
  • Flash or head light, lantern or torch and spare batteries, or a self-sustainable torch.
  • Towel(s).
  • Toilet paper.
  • Toiletries.
  • Binoculars (optional).
  • Camera with zoom (if you want to catch some moments).
  • Pocket knife (optional).
  • Notebook and pen (Maybe a good time to start writing your memoirs).
  • Spending money.
  • Humor and music we like to share.
Additional Information

Teyuna is a sacred place for indigenous people. Remember to respect their culture, past, privacy and customs. Do not enter their homes or take pictures of them or their possessions without asking for permission first. The local climate is warm, humid and can be rainy with cool nights between 18°C and 22°C. Pack only the essentials, make sure you are in good health and prepare yourself to be able to deal with seriously envious friends when you tell them about your adventure. 

Lost City Trek