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You definitely have close contact with the local population on the surf and help project, which I personally particularly liked. One of my frequent tasks was to feed the animals, to keep their enclosures clean, and to measure and weigh some animals (such as turtles and penguins). During the free afternoons I surfed course or just to went with other travelers to get something to eat.

Sometimes we had day trips instead of working. For example, we spent a whole day in a nearby large city and visited a whale museum and observed wild sea lions. Another time we did a bike tour and participated in the construction of an octopus house. It is definitely not boring here!

Since I’ve been here, I have experienced so much that was exciting, but my highlight was feeding the penguins. One of the three came on the same day as I did and I immediately fell in love. I’m looking forward to every opportunity I have to feed the penguins!

I found the experience of having to deal with situations which do not occur in Germany fairly easy. Here it is usual for there not to be running water, and for frequent power cuts or internet problems. Since these problems are generally fixed by the next day, I took this with humor which helped me be unaffected by it.

A highly recommendable experience!