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I was interested and motivated to work in Peru because of the vast amount of research I had done on it in preparation to complete my advanced senior work. I was very happy to have gained first hand knowledge through experiencing and observing the local culture and customs as well as talking with locals and getting a better understanding on their views of their country and its history. I feel a connection to the local people that I met and worked with in the jungle and they were very welcoming and really worked at sharing their culture with me. I was even able to learn some words and phrases in Quechua.

For me volunteering at a reforestation project site was a chance to create a greater connection between myself and the world I live in. It was also an opportunity for me to gain experience and knowledge about native plants and their uses, which I had a personal interest in. I have learned about certain plant species and animals and about how to be a participant in the natural world around me and conscious of my impact on it. After having done so much research and reading on the history of Peru, being able to interact with people and learn about their cultures and lives and what their personal views are of their country was very important and enriching for me.