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For more than 20 years I have been working as a nurse and that’s why I wanted to see the work of other caring professions in another country, like Colombia, who have other cultural habits.

On my first day on the Volunteer Circle, the project leader took me from my hostel in Bogota to her farm. While we were driving, she told me about the situation at the two projects I took part in.

I worked for the first week in the Elderly Day Care Center, where more than 70 senior residents lived, as most of them were at risk of a life on the streets. During the following weeks I worked at the Youth Center. It opens after school and in the holidays, and is a place where children receive education and social interaction instead of being alone on the streets. We prepared many things for Halloween, like masks and decorations, and of course we danced a lot with them for fitness and movement.

During my time there a meeting for the sugarcane farmers was organized, where a member of the town council took part. The farmers have many problems like age, illness, too few water resources, and a lack of manpower. All of these problems were to be mentioned at the gathering so that maybe there will be help from the government. To organize that, we had to visit the farms nearby on an almost daily basis. Hiking there was lots of fun and I enjoyed the overwhelmingly beautiful countryside.

The trips at weekends to other areas of the country were really exciting. We did things like visiting and exploring caves or we simply relaxed and partied.

In the end I was deeply impressed by the work of my project, who stands for the rights of humanity and tries to help without getting tired.

Muchas gracias a NGO Taxi y a la organización donde trabajé, donde tuve muchas experiencias para mi vida.