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My name is Jana and I am 24 years old. I looked for an adventure and I found it with NGO Taxi! Ordinarily, I work in a tax office in Germany, but I decided to use my vacations to work as a volunteer in the Peruvian jungle. I have wanted to travel to South America and experience the culture since I was a little girl.

I spent about 3 weeks in the animal shelter. I lived there with my host family Cesar and Victoria who are so nice and friendly (by the way, Victoria is really good at cooking!). We all lived and worked together and that was a lot of fun. I was only a guest for a short time but I still felt like a small part of the family. The work with the animals at the project was so great! I liked it so much and I miss all of them! It was such a great experience for me and it was also so nice to see how Cesar and Victoria put their whole heart into this project!

I look back with pleasure to my time at the project, I often wish to be there again! I have saved all the memories and experiences and will always remember my time there.

To go to this project was the best decision of my life!