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Giving German classes was a very rewarding project. I asked some people if they were interested in learning the basics of the German language. It didn’t take long until we had a little classroom filled with 10 people, amongst them my Spanish teacher Justo and another English Teacher I once worked with. We started right from the beginning. It was so impressive how they came to my class every night, even though they were studying in the morning and were working in the afternoon every day. It was a lot of fun as they all were very motivated and hardworking. I think it is a great chance for them to learn German, especially because Cusco is full of German tourists and if people plan to work as a guide it is helpful to know some basics of German.

Also, I really liked my second project. I decided to support our lovely Spanish teacher Libia. She is such a warm-hearted, hardworking and absolutely amazing person and friend that I simply wanted to help her. She deserved it so much. In August 2015 she opened her school and there was still a lot of work to be done. My main task was translating a document that was supposed to be her website as soon as possible. It was written in English (unfortunately the English was not good at all, which was the reason why I decided to proofread and correct the English version first). Then, I translated the whole document into German so that Libi could have her website in three languages: Spanish, German and English. Also, I helped her with decorating and promoting her school. I searched for photos of activities she offers her students in order to create a nice photo wall. This way, new volunteers and students know what kind of options they have, studying at Libia’s school. At the end of my time of being there, I eventually got the whole document translated which allowed me to finally create her website.

Now, Libi has her own website for her Spanish school and hopefully this will help her get even more students to study Spanish with her.