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My name is Jana, I am 28 years old and a designer from Germany. I’m always interested in how communication works in different parts of the world, how we can connect with people so as to work together and how we can improve communication to solve regional, cultural and political problems. I studied graphic design, majoring in social design. Design is more than making nice pictures, funny advertisements, serious looking logos and nice brochures.

Design can help connect different kinds of people with different backgrounds and knowledge to create something more important for a society. We always need to take responsibility for our actions, and I think, we have to learn how we can use our knowledge to create something more significant, helpful and sustainable, before we bring it into the world. I want to do my part by sharing my knowledge for social projects like the ones of NGO Taxi. I also want to talk to people about what kind of possibilities they have in their lives and jobs to do something different, good and helpful every day.