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In the animal protection project, I had some experiences that will help me a lot in my future life. In the streets of the little village nearby I met people that, at first sight, looked strange to me, but this was a very interesting experience as well. You learn how to handle situations you are not used to, how to go and buy food that doesn’t come with price tags and how to spend time bargaining on literally everything you buy.

Gathering so many impressions and feeling this different way of life was a totally new experience for me. Personally, it made me much more relaxed. I got to see time and our usual rush from a totally different perspective and now, I think, I can handle new situations with more confidence.

Through volunteering with NGO Taxi I learned about life in Peru and, and of course, about the animals at the shelter in the jungle. You also get to know how to deal with the animals and learn how they react. My greatest experience I had with the little monkey Rosita. She immediately captured my heart. Simply enjoying the day with the animals and seeing that they, too, are so often acting so much like humans is purely amazing!

I also enjoyed the absence of news and television. Life in the jungle showed me again how little one actually needs for living. When we went to see the NGO Taxi’s neighbouring conservation project we met, again, different people in the jungle. We visited a beautiful butterfly garden and stayed the night in a cosy wooden jungle hut nearby.  What an adventure! Other than that I just enjoyed sunbathing and reading down by the river…