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If you are looking for a lot of time for excursions, time for yourself, time to read, time to switch off or spend time with children, then you are in the right place at the Peruvian child care facility. You have three tasks a day. Reading with the children in the morning and working in the garden. At lunchtime you have to help with their homework and then you can play with the children afterwards. UNO and chess are the big hits here, but football and volleyball are often played. Otherwise, you have a lot of free time that you can do with as you like. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to play and laugh with the children. They are always happy about every volunteer.

You can drink a delicious juice in the nearby village, go to the outdoor pool or take a trip into the deep jungle and admire the beautiful nature there. You do not have to lose contact with the wider world because there is an internet café in the nearby village and you even have internet if you buy a Peruvian simcard. If you have a good friend or girlfriend, grab them and apply! Together you can have a great time here. You can help greatly and still have enough time to experience many cool things.