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I joined NGO Taxi as a volunteer on the hospital project for three months as I was interested in starting a career in medicine – well, I can say that it has proved to me that this is something I am passionate about doing

During my time at the hospital project I have learned a lot, and challenged myself in many ways. I was pleased to discover that I am able to deal with serious wounds happily; I have learned to cope with being around blood and other bodily fluids; I have improved my people skills through dealing with patients daily; and I have learned a huge amount of medical vocabulary as well as gaining knowledge about basic treatments and common illnesses. I was even lucky enough to attend a birth on my second day!

I have loved working at the hospital as all the staff are so friendly and open, and as interested in my culture as I am in theirs. They have really gone out of their way to include me, including inviting me to share lunch with them, and there is one doctor in particular who takes great pains to make sure I learn something new on a daily basis. All of the doctors are very willing to answer your questions in depth and explain what they’re doing (although you need to ask rather than wait for them to tell). I really like the relaxed atmosphere in the hospital, and the way that the patients are treated like friends.

After over 2 months I still find the work stimulating – apart from the daily admin errands there is always something new and exciting happening – the birth has definitely been the most inspirational thing so far!

All in all, a fantastic experience I will never forget.