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Before my volunteering I graduated and worked as an intern in the area of development cooperation. Even though this was very interesting, I had never got detailed insights into a particular project. For this reason and because of my passion for Latin America, I applied as a volunteer at NGO Taxi for an environmentally oriented foundation in Colombia, with their environmental internship project. The foundation is active in the fields of waste management, sustainable tourism, and animal welfare.

At project site I was working together with the project manager, one to two other volunteers and an additional local employee, who was mainly in charge of the foundation’s shop. Even though everyone had his/her own tasks, I got to know nearly all aspects of the foundation and its projects. I worked on a proposal for a diagnosis of the waste system, I interviewed people on the waste system, I collected and analysed data on waste volumes, I supported the other volunteers in improving the communication of the foundation, I was in charge of the post-operative area during a sterilization event for dogs and cats and I supported various organizational matters at the foundation.

In summary, I worked on interesting issues and made a contribution to solving environmental problems in Colombia. At the same time I learnt a lot about the activities of the foundation and project management in general, that will benefit me in future positions. Finally, it was a great opportunity to get to know a foreign culture. I met many new people and I got to know a wonderful little village in Colombia and its surrounding hills, forests, and touristic sights.