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I booked my trip to Peru after I graduated school, because I wanted to travel and do something on my own. I love nature and animals, so the animal shelter project was the perfect option for me. When I came there with two other volunteers I was at first a bit shocked because the village had entirely different the standards to what I´m used to in Germany. But it didn´t take much time and I fell in love with the village. Cesar and Victoria were always very nice and cared about me and I also got to know many family members. But the best thing was the project itself. I loved the animals so much and the work in the jungle with Cesar was very exciting. It was a great possibility to come close to wild animals, to watch them and belong to them. It´s so amazing to see that each of them has their own personality. When Cesar and I went into the jungle to get leaves and grasses as food for the animals, he always pointed out things like insects, plants, and birds that I would not have even noticed without him. We also made trips to interesting places, went fishing, and did night tours.

I really enjoyed my time in Peru and realized how much nature has to offer us if we take our time to explore it. I´m grateful to all the people from NGO Taxi who made this trip possible, and I´m planning to come back to Cesar´s project someday.